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Autonomous Systems (UAVs)

Project CONDOR

'Project CONDOR' is the codename for our heavy-lift quadcopter concept being developed to address a range of market applications, where autonomous aerial vehicles offer distinct advantages over manned alternatives.


By using leading edge/bleeding edge battery, motor, fuel cell and real-time image processing technologies, we're aiming to deliver the following key features:

  • Power: Hybrid Fuel Cell + Battery
  • Propulsion: Distributed Electric Drives
  • Payload: 120+ kg
  • Flight Duration: 2 Hours (min)
  • Cruise Speed: 60kph (cruise); 80kph (sprint)
  • Navigation: Fully Autonomous using real-time, dynamic flight planning, image analysis and collision avoidance

  • Applications

    Any role where heavy-lift capabilities, paired with fully autonomous navigation, can be used to move materiel around without placing personnel in harms way, including:

  • Defence CSS (Combat Services Support) roles
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Emergency Response


    The images and text describe concepts under development and do not necessarily represent a final solution delivered to market.


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