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Electronics Engineering Services

Engineering Capabilities:

  • Systems analysis
  • System design and documentation
  • Digital, analog and FPGA based designs
  • Low power analog circuit design
  • High-speed digital circuit design
  • RF circuit design
  • SMPS design, boost, buck, offline
  • Circuit prototypes prior to production
  • Single, multilayer, flex and flex-rigid
  • Blind, buried, micro-via and HDI stack
  • Re-engineering and product upgrades
  • Design review and cost optimisation
  • Test and certification management
  • Remedial EM Compliance (EMC)
  • Technical assistance for patent drafting
  • Amatek Design offers a full suite of electronic engineering and prototyping services. We use our knowledge, skill and experience to design electronic products according to customer-defined specifications, rapidly and professionally. Amatek Design's experience covers a diverse range of market sectors and technology areas.

    Electronics design and product development:

    This includes the design, prototyping and testing of all manner of electronic hardware, to meet both a customer's requirements and relevant compliance standards. Design specifications from a customer are necessary, however, if the customer is not electronics savvy, we can convert their requirements (supplied in "plain English") to functional, electrical and mechanical specifications, from which we can create and electronics design.

    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and prototyping:

    The PCB or Printed Wiring Board (PWB) is a fundamental part of electronic hardware. This board mounts and electrically connects all the components. All custom electronics designs include PCB layout design, PCB prototyping and PCB assembly. Amatek Design can also offer PCB design and prototyping as a standalone service, converting an existing schematic diagram into a complete prototype.

    Product design - from concept to completion:

    This involves the delivery of a market-ready product and includes the mechanical housing, electronics hardware, user interface, firmware/software, product approvals (CE mark, FCC, UL etc) and manufacturing. As required, Amatek Design partners with industrial designers and manufacturers to achieve these outcomes.

    All custom electronics developments encompass PCB design, prototyping and assembly. However, Amatek Design Design also offers PCB design and prototyping as a stand-alone service; converting an existing, customer-supplied circuit schematic diagram into a PCB layout, which we then test by creating a prototype.


    Amatek Design can perform design reviews of existing products, and re-engineer the product to reduce the manufactured costs or correct known design flaws. Amatek Design can also re-engineer obsolete components out of the build. Our services include the following:

  • designing out faults in existing products
  • designing in new features for new product updates
  • redesigning to reduce manufactured cost
  • redesigning to replace superceded/obsolete components

  • Manufacturing:

    Amatek Design offers full turnkey design and manufacturing services, as well as contract manufacturing management and assembly services in association with our manufacturing partners. We can manage your component sourcing, inspection, board assembly, quality checks, functional tests, electrical tests using manual or automated test jigs which can be specially developed to suit the particular job under production. We can handle small scale assembly in-house, and can manage larger volume contract through preferred local production or a network of Asian production facilities.


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