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Recent Projects

Emotiv's Brainware™

- Brain-Computer Interface -

We overcame the INSIGHT EEG headset’s design challenges, helping get it into production and become Emotiv's multi-million$ flagship product, and a 2015 “Good Design Award" winner.

FOMOfx's Virtual Jeff™

- Digital Whammy Bar -

Designed in partnership with Peter Walker (Cold Chisel guitarist and producer), 'Virtual Jeff' is the world's first 'digital whammy bar' - and winner of 'Best In Show' at the NAMM 2016 festival.

Oartec's DX™ Rower

- Rowing Machine Controls -

Using the powerful Renesas Synergy S7 Platform, we helped former Australian world champion rower Matt Roach deliver a new class of dynamic rowing training machines to global markets.


- Response Airflow Management System -

Designed to dramatically lower electricity usage in commercial kitchens by only activating ventilation systems when required, VentSmart has earned its 'green' credentials is Australia and is now looking to export markets.


- Power Usage Monitor-

Designed for use in remote communities where energy costs are higher, BEEbox provides a 'smart management' solution in a simple, self-contained, low-cost and robust format that's easy to understand.


- Mobile Phone Charger -

Designed by another firm, the Discgo portable phone charger system was too complicated and expensive to take to manufacture. We redesigned it, reducing component costs by 50% and making the design commercially viable.

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