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Recent Projects

Emotiv's Brainware™

- Brain-Computer Interface -

We overcame the INSIGHT EEG headset’s design challenges, helping get it into production and become Emotiv's multi-million$ flagship product, and a 2015 “Good Design Award" winner.

FOMOfx's Virtual Jeff™

- Digital Whammy Bar -

Designed in partnership with Peter Walker (Cold Chisel guitarist and producer), 'Virtual Jeff' is the world's first 'digital whammy bar' - and winner of 'Best In Show' at the NAMM 2016 festival.

Oartec's DX™ Rower

- Rowing Machine Controls -

Using the powerful Renesas Synergy S7 Platform, we helped former Australian world champion rower Matt Roach deliver a new class of dynamic rowing training machines to global markets.


- Response Airflow Management System -

Designed to dramatically lower electricity usage in commercial kitchens by making ventilation systems 'smarter', VentSmart is now being rolled out internationally after proving its 'green' credentials in Australia.


- Power Usage Monitor-

Designed for use in remote communities where energy costs are higher, BEEbox provides a 'smart management' solution in a simple, self-contained, low-cost and robust format that's easy to understand.


- Mobile Phone Charger -

Designed by another firm, the Discgo portable phone charger system was too complicated and expensive to take to manufacture. We redesigned it, reducing component costs by 50% and making the design commercially viable.

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