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Turnkey Product Development Services

We can take your concept into production as part of a single, integrated process.

Need help creating a complete, finished product, including embedded electronics, housings, software and evening packaging? We provide a complete end-to-end service that encompasses the delivery of finished, manufactured and tested products.

Embedded Systems Design:

Design of all hardware and software/firmware. Learn more about Embedded Electronic Hardware and Embedded Software/Firmware.

Industrial Design:

From concept,through prototyping, to production. Learn more here >>

Compliance Testing:

Whether for local or international markets, we can test your product to ensure it meets safety, immunity, medical and other compliance requirements. Learn more here >>

Introduction to Manufacturing:

Creation of all documentation, including:

  • Gerber files
  • Bills-of-Material (BOMs)
  • Test procedures

  • Manufacturing:

    Included in these services are the following expert services:

  • PCB Prototyping
  • Electronics Assembly Manufacture
  • Production Test Jig Development
  • Creation of Manufacturing Documentation
  • Creation of Production Testing Documentation
  • Component Procurement
  • Electronics Assembly Manufacture

  • Whether you need 500 or 500,000 PCBs, or a fully assembled product, we’ll assess the suitability of manufacturers within our network of local and offshore production houses, then manage, as required, introduction to manufacturing, production and testing of your products. Learn more here >>


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