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Case Study #1: Samsung Home Audio Showroom Demo System

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About Samsung

In 2014, Samsung was developed to achieve automated energy savings in commercial kitchens and restaurants by monitoring air quality and only oeprating extractor vents wgen needed.

The Brief

Create an interactive in-store demonstration system that allows visitors to experience Samsung's range of precision home audio products.


Reliable, anywhere/anytime communications are essential for agricultural monitoring/sensing, automation and robotics to be viable.

Farmbot had developed a range of products to supply the rapidly growing demand for farm automation. But the reliable communications systems alluded them; with a previous developer unable to deliver a solution.


Since 2015, we've been developing LIPD (Low Interference, ) communications for applications as diverse as key finders to remote sensors to showroom display systems.


solutions for We delivered the following, which are now field tested and in production:

  • LoRa modules (2 variants)
  • Inmarsat module
  • TBC

The purpose of the system is to play demo music files on a multiple speakers audio system via an Android Application in a retail environment. The system includes an audio controller which is connected to a Android device through Android Open Accessory Protocol.

Design challenges:

  • System Reliability
  • Design reliable communication protocol to Android device
  • Hi-FI Audio Quality
  • Communication to Android device over USB Real-time Audio Stream to multiple devices Reliable System Testing

System structure:

The system's key components:

  • STM32F105 ARM® CortexT - M Microcontroller
  • Analog Device DSP
  • Android USB Open Accessory Mode Interface
  • I²C Audio Multiplexer
  • SPI Communication

As with many elegant solutions, this system's simple user interface belies its complexity.

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