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Radio Energy Saving System for Commercial Kitchens

The purpose of this project is to improve energy efficiency in commercial kitchens by controlling the exhaust venting system. The control algorithm was based on data received from radio sensors placed at strategic points around kitchen.

Challenges for this project included:
     - system reliability
     - design of a custom antenna
     - mechanical integration
     - multi-point radio communications
     - device pairing procedure
     - reliable system testing

System key components:

     - HopeRF RFM69HW 915MHz RF (Radio) Module
     - 20VAC/DC Power Supply
     - Hall Effect Sensor (used for device pairing)
     - STM32F105 ARM ® CortexT-M Microcontroller
     - 240 VAC Input Transducers
     - I²C LED Driver

Project scope and outcome

     - Controller units installed - 125e
     - Sensor units installed - 800
     - 100% up-time with zero operational failures

The VentSmart system delivered enhanced functionality that dramatically reduces energy consumption by actively monitoring air quality and adjusting fan operation as required.


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