Deployed in large shopping centres around Australia, the dpEMS (digital Enclosure Management System) gives retailer centre managers full visibility on the health of their digital display advertising systems.

By alerting display owners to any potential issues, dpEMS has been proven to maximise display uptime - and revenue generation - and reduce unnecessary and expensive onsite callouts by service technicians.

It's just one of a number of Arduino-based projects we've undertaken.

Our Brief

Create a low-cost system to monitor digital advertising displays and enclosures that:

  • Could be deployed in harsh retail and industrial environments.
  • Had low power consumption.
  • Had high EMI immunity and signal integrity characteristics.
  • Was simple to install and maintain.

The Solution

The dpEMS uses the popular Arduino Atmega328P micro-controller, which offered ease of development and deployment.

System components integrated in this solution included:

  • Arduino X-Board Atmega328P
  • Buffer drivers
  • USB-UART bridge IC
  • Switching regulators
  • Differential comparators
  • Discrete logic
  • I²C level translator
  • 125khz RFID reader ICs

Custom engineered dpEMS Arduino PCBA

System architecure