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Compliance Test & Certification Management Services

For any device to go into production, it may need to pass a range of mandatory standards, depending on where the end product is to be sold. Different regions have different compliance standards, covering Electrical Safety, EMI/EMR (EMC) performance, or materials used in manufacturing (eg RoHS to confirm no lead).

Accordingly, compliance testing and certification is at the heart of everything we do. It’s how we validate that our designs meet the specifications created at the start of the project and are, hence, fit for purpose; and that before they go to manufacture, they meet the electrical, immunity, safety and materials standards that confirm they’re fit for sale.

While we maintain an inventory of quality, high-performance test equipment, we also have close relationships with leading certification labs, who can carry out compliance testing in relation to local and international standards, as required, for your project.

What sets Amatek Design apart, though, is that even before we begin physical testing of prototypes or production samples, we’ve undertaken electrical and signal computer simulations using world-leading software tools, that result in optimised, production-ready designs even before your product goes to the factory.

Test & Certification Management Services:

  • EMC (emissions and immunity) pre-compliance testing management
  • EMC compliance testing (C-Tick, CE, FCC) and management
  • Electrical safety compliance test plans and management
  • Bio-Medical standards compliance test plans and management
  • RoHS & WEEE compliance advice

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