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Desktop Application Development

Windows Development

  • .NET
  • Native Windows
  • Windows Drivers

  • Linux Development

  • Qt & GDK
  • Linux Drivers

  • Database Development

    OS Independent Developments

    Amatek Design offers PC application software development services for both Windows and Linux environments. We also develop application-specific databases as well as operating system (OS) independent applications (including Java and Ruby).

    Windows Applications:

    Amatek Design has the expertise necessary for developing applications with the latest cutting edge Windows technologies as well as maintaining old legacy applications.


    Amatek Design can choose the best .NET solutions for each individual project. Over the years, Amatek Design has developed Windows applications with the most widely used .NET languages:

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • C++/CLI
  • Native:

    If efficiency is an absolute necessity, Amatek Design can develop applications in native languages using different development environments depending on the specific needs of each project. Examples include:

  • Microsoft Visual C++. Microsoft proprietary compiler with full Microsoft support
  • GNU gcc. Open source free compiler with community support
  • Qt graphic libraries
  • If an open source solution is required on Windows then Amatek Design can assist by developing with gcc and Qt applications.


    The skillset and experience of our Windows development team includes both the KMDF and UMDF Windows driver development frameworks.

    If you need to interface a Windows application with a custom piece of hardware Amatek Design can assist by collaboration with the embedded software developers to interface Windows applications to devices such as:

  • USB custom devices
  • Printers
  • Parallel Wiegand card readers
  • Parallel Smart Cards readers
  • Linux Applications:

    Amatek Design has experience developing Linux applications, and we have deep knowledge of inter-process and inter-thread communication primitives as well as the debugging techniques required to develop robust, reliable and efficient Linux applications.

    Qt & GTK:

    Our Linux developers have proven experience and skills in developing Linux GUI applications using either Qt or GTK graphic libraries.


    Over the years Amatek Design has gained skills in developing Linux drivers to interface Linux applications with custom hardware, for example:

  • USB custom devices
  • Parallel Smart Cards
  • WiFi modules
  • BLE modules
  • Database Development:

    Often behind a modern PC application there is a database used to store business data. The advantages of storing data on a database include operation atomicity, concurrent data access, and fast access. Amatek Design is expert in designing databases with the most widely used database management systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • OS independent development:

    If you need to develop a cross-platform PC application, Amatek Design can assist you with its skills and expertise in several OS-independent languages and frameworks:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Qt
  • SQL

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