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Embedded Software Development

Embedded software is ubiquitous in the modern world and is the “embedded” brain of almost every electronic device. The Amatek Design embedded software development team has the specialised skills and expertise required to develop robust and efficient embedded software.

Real-time Systems Development:

Embedded Software, also referred to as Real-time Software can respond to events within in the order of milliseconds or less. Specialised skills are required to design and implement optimised software that is capable of meeting these strict requirements.

When the embedded software becomes complex, a Real-time Operating System (RTOS) is the preferred solution to concurrently achieve scalability and real-time performance. There are many RTOS systems available, each with characteristics that make them better suited than others to the specific needs of a particular project.

Amatek Design has a track record of developing successful embedded software products, using the most highly regarded RTOSs available, including:

  • ThreadX
  • Nucleus
  • FreeRTOS
  • RT-Linux
  • uClinux
  • Embedded Linux development:

    When the performance and the services provided by a modern operating system need to be integrated into an embedded device, our expertise with Embedded Linux offers you a strategic advantage. We have the capabilities to develop both Linux kernel drivers to interact with other electronic devices, and the high level code that implements the business and application logic.

       Kernel driver development:

       Examples of our kernel driver developments include:

  • Parallel camera interfaces
  • MIPI camera interfaces
  • WiFi modules
  • BLE modules

  • I2C – Temperature sensors, accelerometers
  • SPI – Touch screens
  • V4L – Video for Linux
  • Software-Hardware interaction expertise:

    Since embedded software is embedded in the hardware a good understanding of hardware design concepts and implementations is required for successful embedded software engineering. The Amatek Design embedded software team has in-depth expertise and experience in interacting with the most recent technologies including:

  • LCDs
  • e-Ink

  • Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Capacitive touch screens
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Hall effect sensors
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Barcode scanners
  • RFID devices
  • Biometrics devices

  • Communications Protocols
  • TCP/IP
  • 3G/UMTS
  • BLE
  • WiFi
  • NFC

  • Controller Area Network (CAN-Bus)
  • ZigBee
  • GPS
  • USB

  • Actuators
  • BLDC motors
  • Solenoids
  • Solid state relays

  • Micro-processor and micro-controller expertise:

    An in-depth knowledge of the current popular microcontroller and microprocessor chips is fundamental to selecting the right part for the job. Amatek Design has in depth experience and knowledge of a broad range of microprocessors and microcontrollers including:

  • ARM Cortex-M: Renesas Synergy, STM32
  • ARM Cortex-A: Freescale i.MX6, Allwinner A10/20, TI AM335x
  • ARM: NXP LPC2000, LPC3240
  • Renesas RX64/63 and H8 series
  • TI TMS320 DSP and MSP430 series
  • Fujitsu MB96310

  • Microchip dsPIC
  • Atmel Mega, SAM and 8051 series
  • Siemens
  • Nordic Semiconductor
  • Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
  • Human interaction (HMI) expertise:

    Most embedded systems require human interaction in some form such as graphic displays, buttons, keypads, LED indicators or touch screen. Amatek Design has the required skillset and experience to identify and implement the right solution for your project's human machine interface (HMI).

    We have developed a wide range of products with HMI interfaces including:

  • LCD
  • e-Ink

  • Touch screens
  • Capacitive touch screens
  • Resistive touch screens

  • Graphics libraries
  • GUIX
  • Renesas GUI
  • Custom graphic libraries

  • Industry standards and compliance expertise:

    Safety-critical systems such as medical, automotive, avionics and defence have specific industry standards for the software development to which it must be compliant. Amatek Design has experience in developing software that meets the following standards:

  • IEC 62304
  • MISRA C/C++
  • DO-178B

  • Diagnostic tools and equipment development expertise:

    By using an in-house time verified command line test harness tool, Amatek Design can quickly develop automatic diagnostic tools and equipment to support the testing, verification and production validation of your project test needs.

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