IoMT-Connected Cardiac Sounds Monitor.

About Corsonis

Corsonis is an Australian MedTech startup developing AI-augmented cardiac healthcare technology that integrates personal, portable cardiac monitoring, cloud-connectivity and remote analytics, to deliver lower cost diagnostics, faster. Their aim is to improve access to cardiovascular care by developing cost effective solutions that don't require patients be co-located with a cardiac specialist to receive specialist diagnostics and care.

Project Summary

Amatek developed the COR-S for Corsonis. It's a connected medical device that can record and transmit heart sounds via a mobile device, to a cloud database that compares a patient's cardiac sounds to a range of sounds associated with known cardiac and conditions.


Amatek developed a lightweight, rechargeable wireless stethoscope, with integrated noise cancelling technology to allow clear cardiac sounds to be recorded and transmitted in real-time via a connected mobile device. The alpha prototype included a removable SD to capture digital audio recordings.