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HopeRF Radio & Sensor Modules

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Authorised Distributor (Australia & New Zealand)

Amatek Design is an authorised stockist distributor of the HopeRF range of LIPD RF modules and digital sensors.

Items listed on our website are typically stocked and can be shipped within 1 business day of receipt of order.

Delivery times of modules and sensors not in stock will depend on availability from HopeRF, China.

Why HopeRF®?

HopeRF's range of RF modules and digital sensors provide professional-grade solutions for applications as diverse as IoT-connected sensors, controls for gaming devices and drones, and wireless meters and industrial controls; with customer projects we've supplied the ultra-reliable products to ranging from 'smart clothing', to 'virtual fences' for livestock, to tracking and monitoring of endangered wildlife.

Their LoRa, FSK/GFSK, MSK/GMSK, OOK and ASK RF modulators support a range of 'short haul' (typically indoor, under 1km) or longer haul (typically outdoor, up to 10km or more) applications, using either wideband or narrowband transmissions.

Their small form factor, low cost digital sensors, which include combined temperature/humidity and waterproof pressure sensors, can take you from prototype to production, with their design guides and developer tools helping you every step of the way.


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