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Project Planning and Management

New Projects:

  • Product concept reviews
  • Standards and technology reviews
  • Requirements analysis
  • Project proposals
  • Requirements specifications
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design
  • Prototyping and manufacturing

  • Existing Projects:

  • Standards compliance reviews
  • Thorough design reviews
  • Product updates or complete re-designs
  • 'Manufacture-ability' reviews
  • Manufacturing optimisation

  • General:

  • Project management
  • IP and Patent protection support
  • Management of industrial design sub-contractors
  • Management of EMC compliance at test facilities
  • Project planning includes all the necessary steps to design, develop and deliver a product. This includes concept evaluation, product specification, design, implementation, functional testing, compliance testing and manufacture. Larger projects may require the application of certain design technologies or methodologies, or the engagement of third party specialists such as industrial designers, mechanical engineers or materials scientists to resolve overall design issues.

    Our consultative planning process can guide you through the steps required to create a professional and practical project plan. The process can be complex but our professional approach can simplify it for you. Our project methodology is based on an accepted industry practice staged approach and includes requirements analysis, proposal, requirements specification, concept design, detailed design, prototyping and manufacture.

    Requirements Analysis and Project Proposal:

    Initially the requirements are determined and a draft project plan and proposal are prepared which define project objectives, tasks, deliverables, applied resources, timeframes and costs and includes:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project planning
  • Proposal preparation

  • Project Product Requirements and Specifications:

    The next stage in a project aims to define and document the product requirements and specifications, to refine the product concept, and mitigate risk by asking key technical and commercial questions regarding the product relating to feasibility, fit, form, function, performance and cost and includes:

  • Concept design, industrial and hardware
  • Product and requirement specification
  • Technical feasibility, standards compliance and risk assessment
  • Product software and hardware architectural design
  • Component definition, preliminary design and costing

  • Detail Design to Prototype:

    Once concept, requirements and preliminary design is completed then the detail design stages commence with the aim of producing functional prototypes in the form of the final product and includes:

  • Schematic and PCB design and review
  • Industrial design and 3D prints
  • Software verification test specification
  • Software development
  • Prototype documentation, procurement and construction
  • Hardware, software and mechanical design verification testing

  • Prototype to Production:

    Finally, once prototypes have been produced and initially validated, they can be fine-tuned, formal compliance testing and approvals can be obtained, and volume manufacture documentation produced and includes:

  • Formal compliance testing
  • Production test specification and test jig design
  • Field trials and user acceptance testing
  • Any required hardware and software refinement required
  • Manufacturing documentation and hand-over

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