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One Stop Product Development Services

Need help creating a complete, assembled electronics product?

We provide integrated design, engineering, compliance, testing and production services
to help get you from concept to market.

Industrial Design

We work with some of Sydney's most creative industrial designers to develop product housings/enclosures, and even packaging and visual ID.

Embedded Systems Design

The PCB and embedded RTOS (real-time operating system) are at the heart of every project and any application software that runs on the platform.

Compliance Testing

Whether for local or international markets, we can test your product to ensure it meets safety, immunity, medical and other compliance requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

From BOMs and Gerber files, to solder masks, assembly schematics and test jigs, we'll manage the entire process, from documentation to delivery.

Explore a selection of turnkey, i.e. full design projects that encompass everything from specification development, to industrial design, UX (user experience) development, engineering, prototyping and compliance testing, via the link below.

Helping innovative people create AMAZING!