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Amatek Design helps innovative Australians deliver world-class
electronics products to local and global markets.

Discover some of the products we've already helped bring to life.
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Electronics Design Services

We provide full PCB design, validation and prototyping services. Whether the solution is a simple control circuit or a complex, multi-layered, miniaturised rigid-flex PCB, we guarantee that what we create will be fit for purpose and manufacturable!


Software Development Services

From embedded real-time operating systems that deliver reliable error-free operation, to desktop, mobile and web application software that enhances the user experience, we create software that can help set your product apart.


Product Development Services

Need more than hardware and firmware? We have man-decades of experience creating finished, packaged products, ready for local or export sale.

Value-Add Services

Our value-add services include industrial design, production tooling development, pre-compliance testing and contract manufacturing.

COTS Products

From LoRA modules, to temperature sensors for IoT motes, we supply a range of COTS electronics modules to help with your own engineering projects.


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