Project information

  • Client: Amatek (In-house Project)
  • Project date: 2020-2021
  • Datasheet: DTAC-100 Flyer

About the DTAC-100

Pool heating using PV-powered heat pumps can be far more expensive than many pool owners ever imagined, with the cost of supplementary power from the grid making heat pumps an unattarctive option for many. So much so, that as older systems fail, many pool owners are replacing them with rooftop solar water heating systems.

But the most popular solar pool heating systems have limited functionality and aren't remotely monitorable via an app.

DTAC was developed to test new features, including our Extended Distance Bluetooth Rooftop Sensors, which provide reliable connection with a DTAC basestation over distances of up to 100 metres. We're also developing a mobile app to connect users to the controller for real-time monitoring of temperature settings and primary and auxiliary pumps.