IoT-Connected Solar Pool Heating Control Solution

About DTAC Solar

The DTAC-100 Series solar pool heating controllers were developed to address the deficiencies of existing products, which have cumbersome user interfaces, poor user manuals, limited lifetimes and are not often IoT connected.

Also, rising energy prices means it is increasingly expensive to use heat pumps to heat pools, so many users are switching back to passive rooftop solar heating when their cheap Chinese heat pumps fail.

Project Summary

This turnkey product development included the design and development of the entire system including:

  • The electronics, firmware and IP rated housings.
  • Wirelessly connected rooftop sensors.
  • IoT based cloud database system and mobile Apps.
  • Remote control, monitoring, configuration and diagnostics.


Amatek designed a production ready innovative solar pool heating controller product that includes an intuitive user interface while incorporating the features of 20 other competitive products in the one unit.

The DTAC-100 also features monitoring, control and diagnostics via a mobile or Web App, and optional long-range wireless connectivity to a roof temperature sensor. The DTAC-100 offers premium quality at a competitive price and is designed in Australia by engineers with extensive experience creating reliable and functional electronics for consumer, commercial and medical customers.