We have a demonstrable track record of engineering the most critical element of any electronic product - the PCB - to be fit-for-purpose and optimised for manufacture.

Engineering Services

  • Circuit and PCB design, optimisation, verification and prototyping
  • Designing out faults in existing products
  • Designing in new features for existing product updates
  • Redesigning to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Redesigning to replace superceded/obsolete or unavailable components
  • Remedial EM Compliance (EMC)
  • Technical assistance for patent drafting
  • Prototype production and testing
  • Manual and automated PCBA test and programming jigs
  • Production documentation (Introduction to Manufacturing)
  • Test and certification process management

Engineering Expertise

  • Circuit design and schematic capture in Altium Designer
  • Low-power analogue, high-speed digital and RF systems design
  • Solid, Rigid-Flex, Flexible and Aluminium PCBs
  • Flexible membrane control interfaces (HMIs)
  • Wireless PAN, LAN and WAN communication system design (BLE/BLE Extended Distance, WiFi, LoRa, NB-IoT, cellular, satellite)
  • IoT edge devices (i.e. sensors and controllers) and device communications (e.g. LoRa and NB-IoT)
  • FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) development
  • ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) design
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Assembly (DFA) and Design For Test (DFT)
  • Advanced SPICE analysis
  • Advanced PCB electrical and signal analysis

More About Our Engineering Capabilities

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Our design team is expert in developing platforms utilising the following MPUs and MCUs:

  • ARM Cortex-M (e.g. Renesas Synergy, STM32)
  • ARM Cortex-A (e.g. Freescale i.MX6, Allwinner A10/20, TI AM335x)
  • ARM (e.g. NXP LPC2000, LPC3240)
  • Renesas RX64/63 and H8 series
  • TI TMS320 DSP and MSP430 series
  • Fujitsu MB96310
  • Microchip dsPIC
  • Atmel Mega, SAM and 8051 series
  • Siemens
  • Nordic Semiconductor
  • Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) NFC

Peripheral Device Integration

Our team is also highly proficient in integrating the following display, sensor, imaging and communications modules:

  • Displays (LCDs, e-Ink)
  • Touchscreens (capacitive, resistive)
  • Sensors (accelerometers, temperature, pressure, humidity, PIRs)
  • Imaging Systems (cameras and fingerprint, iris and barcode scanners)
  • Card readers (Weigand card readers, smart cards, RFID tags)
  • PAN, LAN and WAN communications (LoRa, NB-IoT, BLE, WiFi, NFC, ZigBee)

IoT Development Expertise

We have years of experiencing creating highly reliable IoT-enabled devices, including:

  • IoT radio modules, including LoRa, FSK and GSK
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Extended Distance systems proven to operate reliably up to 100 metres
  • Always-available cellular (4G, LTE, 5G) and satellite (e.g. Inmarsat) systems
  • Real-time (i.e. interactive) controllers
  • Devices with onboard edge computing modules, such as RaspberryPi Compute Module 4

We've also supplied IoT radio modules for:

  • Remote sensing for above ground and underground mining
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Remote control of RAN (navy) target practice drones
  • Wearables for telehealth applications
  • Livestock management and 'virtual fencing'
  • Water and pasture quality monitoring
  • Remote weather stations
  • GPS trackers and altimeters for low altitude meterology rockets

Our designs typically encompass the integration of sensors, controllers and wireless communications, as per levels 1-3 in the IoT World Forum reference model.

We also undertake application development to address higher level (levels 4-7) requirements.

Design Simulation Expertise

Accurately predicting PCB signal and power behaviours in complex PCB designs prevents costly and time-consuming board re-spins and re-testing for regulatory compliance.

We are one of only a handful of electronics engineering enterprises in Australia proficient in the use of Cadence Design Systems advanced simulation software tools, including:

  • OrCAD® PSpice™, for circuit characterisation and optimisation of component BOMs
  • OrCAD® Sigrity™ ERC and SI for PCB signal and power behavioural simulations

This example shows the advanced Sigrity SI (Signal Integrity) toolset being used to simulate a complex, multi-layer PCB to assess if all traces perform within tolerances; and what modifications resolve any out-of-specification behaviours, such as signal losses or crosstalk due to impedance discontinuities.


Solid PCBs

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Mixed Signal PCBs

PCB Test and Programming Jigs

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