Where Engineering Meets Art

From concept development, through design and 3D rendering, to prototyping, tooling and production, we can help in the development of your product's aesthetics, utility, durability and user appeal.

Our Services

Design Services

  • Concept development
  • Detailed design rendering (MCAD+ECAD)
  • Prototyping (SLAs, 3D printing)
  • Tooling (casts, injection moulds)
  • Production (off-tool samples and production runs)

Design Expertise

Concept Visualisation

  • We use 3D modelling and photo-rendering to develop concepts before committing to MCAD and potentially very expensive 3D prototypes.

Integrated MCAD+ECAD and Prototyping

  • We design the electronics and the mechanical systems, including enclosures, in parallel.
  • Our partners use a variety of MCAD design tools, which allow rapid design development and progress to prototypes. This facilitates a review of form, function and fit, before committing to production tooling and off-tool pre-production samples.

More About Industrial and Mechatronics Design

Industrial Design

Our role, along with the industrial designer, is to develop design solutions that address each client's unique form, fit, function, usability, ergonomic, marketing, brand development and sales objectives.

Our industrial design capabilities, both in-house and including our design partners, include:

  • Whole of product design
  • Enclosure design (metal and plastic)
  • Packaging (boxes, user manuals and graphics)

Mechatronic Systems Design

Our mechatronic systems design experience has been honed in sectors as diverse as aerospace, factory automation and robotics.

Our team has a reputation for engineering cost effective and manufacturable mechanical systems that will enhance your product's functionality and usability. Our mechatronics systems design capabilities include:

  • Mechanical support systems
  • Production tooling (e.g. casts and dies)

Industrial Design Project Examples

Complex Mechatronic Systems Design

Enclosure Design