PABX Call Monitoring and Management Solution

About TSA Software Solutions

TSA Software is an Australian business that provides scalable Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) solutions to businesses and government. They provide both managed and user manageable TEM solutions, with their CAAB software allowing the costs associated with phone calls to be logged and analysed automatically, to help users manage costs.

Project Summary

TSA identified an opportunity to provide their TEM services to users that didn't have PABXs with smart call management systems onboard. The solution was to develop an intelligent call monitoring device that would allow any enterprise or SME to access TSA's cloud platform.


Amatek developed a data-logging solution that linked a digital PABX and automatically collected call data. An Ethernet port provided connection to TSA's cloud call reporting system, enabling call analytics.

The turnkey product design and development project encompassed industrial design, embedded hardware and software design and development, and prototyping.