We create innovative, robustly engineered and highly reliable electronic products and integrated software solutions.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with:

  • Consumer, Industrial, IoT, Agtech and Medtech Product Design and Development
  • Technology Research, Innovation and Commercialisation
  • Embedded Hardware and Firmware Development
  • Desktop, Server, Cloud and Mobile Application Development
  • DAQ (Data Acquisition) and Datacomms Technologies
  • Home Automation Integration
  • Industrial and Mechatronic Systems Design
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Contract Manufacturing Management

Portfolio Highlights


We designed the robust IoT communications modules that have helped Farmbot become Australia's fastest-growing farm automation systems provider.


We developed the Bluetooth-connected smart meter monitoring system that's helped Powerpal achieve mass market success in Australia.


We’ve helped PeopleKkey establish their position as the leading Australian designed and made biometric access control and time and attendance solution.

Corsonis® COR-S™

We partnered with medtech start-up CORSONIS to create the COR-S, a wireless, wearable, heart sounds monitor at the heart of their revolutionary cardiac diagnostics system.


We developed a complete solar pool heating controller, including an outdoor rated enclosure and wireless remote water temperature sensors.

Emotiv® Insight™

We overcame the 'INSIGHT' EEG headset’s design challenges to get it from concept to production. Today it's Emotiv's award-winning, multi-million dollar per annum flagship product.

Emotiv® FLEX™

We developed the world's first clinical-grade, 32-channel wireless EEG skull cap. Another first for yet another client.

PCB Test Jigs

We help clients get their PCBs into production and improve yields by creating PCBA test and programming jigs and test procedures.

Nuheara® IQ-MAX™

We engineered the miniaturised electronics that helped Nuheara fast-track the global launch of their ground-breaking programmable wireless earbuds.

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Farm Automation Systems

Not just consistently excellent engineering, but designs that are amazingly reliable and have helped us build our reputation as a quality supplier. Everything a start-up could possibly want from a design partner!


Power Usage Monitoring

Amatek created the functional, fit-for-purpose and manufacturable electronics that helped us get to market after another design firm failed to deliver. We now have more than one hundred thousand happy customers and trust Amatek with all our embedded systems developments.

Synergy Electronics

Printed Circuit Boards

Amatek's production documentation is consistently of the highest standard. With it we're always able to procure parts, produce PCBs and assemble boards without any issues. And their test jigs and test processes are invariably excellent. Can't recommend them highly enough.