IoT-Connected Smart Meter Power Monitor

About Powerpal

Powerpal developed a product for monitoring and analysing domestic power consumption which included an end node, mobile computing Apps and cloud data collection.

The vision was to provide a tool to identify home appliances that consume the most power, and when maximum power usage occurred during the day; thus helping to save money by modifying appliance usage, and allowing informed searches for better energy deals.

Amatek Design fast tracked the redevelopment of the initial product to deliver a market and manufacturing ready product.

Project Summary

We re-developed the compact, low cost, battery powered meter monitoring system with highly reliable, extended range Bluetooth able to connect to a mobile device over a distance of up to 100 metres.

This simple, low cost device communicates meter data from a smart electricity meter to a mobile phone, where power usage and costs are displayed in Powerpal's real-time management App.


The Powerpal system regularly receives 5-star customer reviews, with more than 100,000 devices sold, and more than $20,000,000 saved on electricity bills, these achievements being a testament to the project's success.