We Create Integrated IoT Cloud Solutions

We have extensive, industry-leading expertise developing integrated IoT solutions that connect IoT devices to cloud systems that deliver unparalleled functionality.


We develop robust, reliable and fit-for-purpose integrated solutions that address the following focus areas:

  1. Smart Infrastructure/Smart Cities - Creating competitive advantage for Australian IoT solutions developers to support urban infrastructure development.

  2. AgTech - Increasing the potential for Australian AgTech developers by supporting agricultural sector through key digital productivity drivers underpinned by IoT.

  3. Water -

  4. Energy/PowerTech -

  5. Manufacturing -

  6. Health/MedTech -

  7. Construction and Mining -

  8. Transport -

Visit the IoTAA (IoT Alliance Australia) website for more details on these areas considered important for Australia.


We have industry-leading expertise in connecting devices such as sensors, monitors, data-loggers, motors, pumps, actuators and valves to Cloud services, including:

  • Water Meter data collection
  • Mobile and Fixxed Asset monitoring and management
  • Automated Billing systems
  • Home Automation systems

We also address the areas critical to the success of these applications, including:

  • Interoperability/Open Systems
  • Data Accessability and Usability
  • Cybersecurity and Network Resilience

IoT Cloud

We have industry leading expertise in connecting devices such as sensors, monitors, data-loggers, pumps and valves to Cloud services, including:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) IoT Cloud
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Cloud
  • Google Home
  • Microsoft Power BI

Communication Protocols

We have considerable technical expertise in utilising the following protocols:

  • LoRa and LoRaWAN - low data rates, extended distances
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Extended Distance (BLE) - - low data rates, distances to 100 metres
  • WiFi
  • NB-IoT - NBN Broadband IoT Network
  • Things Network
  • Satellite - including Inmarsat


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