Stompboxes With True Bypass and Silent Switching
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About GAS Stompboxes

Sydney startup GAS Audio identified a market niche for a reasonably priced range of stompboxes for use with electric guitars that eliminated the noise inherent in many guitar A-B switches and gain controllers. This noise, produced by many products on the market, made them unsuitable for rapid guitar changes or use in recording studios.

Project Summary

Amatek identified a number of sources of noise in existing products which resulted from poor component selection, or induced circuit noise from mechanical flexing of either the PCB or critical components on the PCB.


Amatek Design undertook complete product design, including industrial design of the enclosures and packaging, and the design of the PCBs to ensure slient switching. These responsibilities were extended to the development of three core products:

    A-B switch with silent switching and true bypass.
  • GAIN
    Selectable gain.
    For remote activation of SWITCH.