In-Store Audio Demo System

Project Summary

Samsung contracted Amatek to develop an interactive in-store demonstration system that allowed visitors to experience Samsung's range of precision home audio products.

Specific requirements were that the system needed an audio controller which would connect to an Android device using the Android Open Accessory Protocol.

To achieve this, specific design challenges needed to be overcome, including:

  • Overall system reliability due to it being a customer demonstration system in a premium concept store.
  • Reliable communications with an Android device, with the system to be immediately available on demand for customer demonstrations.
  • Support for Hi-FI audio quality.
  • reliable communications with multiple Android devices over USB Real-time Audio Stream.
  • A reliable system testing feature.


Key system elements utilised in this project included:

  • An STMicro STM32F105 ARMĀ® CortexT- M Microcontroller.
  • An analogue device DSP (Digital signal Processor).
  • Android USB Open Accessory Mode Interface.
  • An Android USB Open Accessory Mode Interface.
  • SPI Communications.

This project was successfully deployed at hundreds of retail locations.