Energy Saving Ventilation Controller System

About Ventsmart

Ventsmart specialises in the supply of smart energy management systems for commercial kitchens. Their clients include fast food franchises such as KFC and McDonalds, where Ventsmart's energy management system, developed by Amatek, can be specified for new kitchen fit outs.

Project Summary

Amatek was briefed to create a wireless VSD fan controller system to activate the ventilation system according to oil cooker venting needs.

  • Use wireless sensors to control ventilator fan activation.
  • Include a custom antenna and housing.
  • Achieve high reliability of manufacture and service.


Amatek developed a solution that integrated the following components on two separate units, the transmitter and the monitor:

  • An STM32F105 ARM CortexT-M Microcontroller.
  • A reliable, low cost HopeRF RFM69HW 915MHz RF (Radio) Module.
  • A Hall Effect Sensor, used for device pairing.
  • I²C LED Drive.
  • A 20VAC/DC Power Supply.
  • 240 VAC Input Transducers.

The system developed by Amatek has proved highly reliable while reducing electricity bills for site operations. One chain was estimated to make savings of several millions of dollars annually as a result of deploying Ventsmart's solution.